Photographs from my life and travels in no particular order


Day 2- Edenton, NC

A colonial port town on the coast of North Carolina, Edenton is the second oldest town in the state. Above is the Chowan County Courthouse, on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places and continually in use since 1767. Edenton’s most significant historic moment, now known as the Edenton Tea party occurred in 1774 when 51 women from the town protested England’s Tea Act by boycotting English tea. This is the first known political action by women in the British American colonies. You go girls.


Day 2- Edenton, NC

Here’s a plan circa 1769.

It’s interesting to note that in this period Edenton, North Carolina and Manhattan were relatively comparable in size. As of the 2000 census, Manhattan was at about 1.6 million, Edenton was just under 5 thousand.

Day 2 part 2 – Cotton

The south and it’s legendary fields of popcorn

Day 2- Part 1 – Great dismal swamp

Sitting on the border betwixt Virgina and North Carolina, one could assume from the name that this swamp was a thorn in the side of many a colonist trying to get across it.  The canal you see in the photo was commissioned by George Washington himself to make passage easier and with the intention of draining the swamp so logging the whole place would be easier. That didn’t work out.  I didn’t find the place to be all that dismal.

Day 1 Crossing the Chesapeake Bay

35 million years ago a meteor slammed into the eastern united states around what is now Delware, southern Maryland and northern Virginia creating a massive inlet from The Atlantic ocean. The bay was the initial gateway for  Captain John Smith and the Jamestown colonists (of which I am partially descended). 400 years later the Chesapeake was my gateway to the south via a 20 mile bridge and tunnel system which is possibly one of the most breathtaking drives I’ve experienced on the US interstate system( east coast anyway).  Additionally birds seem to like it.


The one Chuck Klosterman book I haven't read, and a room I haven't seen in a long while

Volcanic Tidal pool= Good times

Just watch for sea urchins- Saint Croix